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Email Consultations


We at Park Road have a system for you to be able to email your doctor who will reply directly rather than having to see him or her in the clinic or wait for a ring back via our telephone triage service.

To activate this service please ring us at the front desk and you will be sent a text with our email and also a link to this web page to make sure you are fully informed.

The frustration with a telephone triage is you have to wait for the doctor to ring you back. If you are not available then the doctor has to leave a message for you to repeat the process. We also find this frustrating as we take up time chasing patients.

This service is only available from 8 am to 12.30pm Monday to Friday.
Any emails received after this time will be managed the next working day.

We will not deal with prescription requests or appointment requests. Please refer to  or your Patient Access App if you would like to do this. All such requests will be referred to this web page. Ask at the front desk if you would like to link book appointments or ask for your medication online as you will need an access form from us to do this. Do not send inappropriate pictures as the email is a shared with all staff in the surgery.

The GP surgery reserves the right to ask you not to access the surgery via email communication as the surgery deems appropriate.  This may be due to your safety, in your best interests or any inappropriate use of this email service which may divert essential clinical resources. For example, using our normal channels may include the need to assess you face to face for clinical safety. In such if the above instances occur you may be asked to either talk to us by telephone or see us in clinic. If we receive any abusive messages as part of our zero tolerance policy we have the right to remove you from our list in the same way as if it were verbal.

Encryption of Emails

We at Park Road will give you to option to send the email via a webpage (encrypted) which you have to open to read or write directly to you in reply to your email (unencrypted). It’s your choice to decide what you would like to do and please let us know. By default, we will send the email to you via a direct reply (unencrypted) unless you tell us otherwise. This is the same when you reply back or write your first email. We recommend Gmail with confidential mode on. The data from the emails is kept on our email server which is secure and information relevant to the conversation is stored within the clinic system which is also secure.

By reading this page you have accepted this and are happy to contact us and be contacted and to contact us via email.