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Friends and Family Test

Friends and Family Test

We look to offer an open policy in our surgery and will regularly lists of positive and negative comments from patients in this area from friends and family tests. The friend and family test is an optional questionnaire which patients can fill as they leave the surgery. They are asked how likely they would be to recommend their GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment with an optional comment after this. The surgery reserves the right to remove comments which are abusive or divisive.

If you are a patient in our surgery and would like to comment please Complete our Friends and Family Test form



March April 2023
I emailed my doctor who acted promptly with an appointment.
The practice nurse was approachable and professional. She put me at ease about the procedure and helped me thtough it.
The service I received on this occasion was prompt and efficient.
The Doctor engaged with me for my care plan.
Appointments by email
Doctor Toosy , and his team are always very patient and understanding
Had to wait for nearly an hour past my appointment time but doctor toosey was great once I was in!
Fantastic, fast and professional as always
Always good
Polite receptionist and Dr lovely as usual
Sp helpful and informative as usual
Every body I made contact with were absolutely great.I am very grateful.
Very helpful and consider the patients options.
Dr Toosy was helpful and friendly, he explained everything clearly and I felt reassured.
Swift service with a smile
Very good dr tooshy. And Nurse Sam.
I waited 35 minutes and still not able to get my self checked. No one came to apologise or to inform what’s happening as there was only one other patient waiting. I booked time off from work but all went to waste. (You must be a new patient. We do not have self-check in. In future please come to the front desk to met our reception team face to face and let them know you have arrived. Sorry that you were not informed of this before)
The reception staff seemed to be having a busy morning and waiting time for appointment.
My appointment was in time and my GP was listening to all my concerns I have according my medical condition.
I was taken on time and staff was friendly
Nurse was very informative and friendly
Emergency appointment, good waiting time, understanding doctor
Always an excellent GP practice
Appointment straight away then referral immediate, very confident that my ill health is very important to them
Fast appointment and excellent doctors
Dr Toosy is so caring
Dr Toosy is always professional.
I was seen on time by my GP and he was very thorough and attentive.
It’s one of the GP I ever.
Always great and helpful
Very informative
Dr toosey is great. I felt supported.
“I phoned for an appointment and was told that a doctor would call back of which they did and suggested I come in to see them.
I did the following day and they recommended antibiotics which I am now on.
It was good to be able to see a doctor so he could check me over and recommend treatment .
I cannot see that anything could have been done better.
Thank you.”
Got a next day appointment with the doctor our choice and prescy
Very thorough and caring
Very supportive and helpful as always
I should have been seen earlier instead of telephone consultation and diagnosis based on a not very good photo
The doctor listened to my concerns and addressed them thoroughly.
The doctor displayed a caring attitude.
I was very happy with the service
Because l am always happy with service provided by your medical centre.
It was first time for blood pressure check, very kind explained,fully very good.
Dc Toosy was helpful & explained what I wanted to know – receptionists very friendly & helpful – altogether a relaxing experience
Because I did find Doctor and Reception very very kind.
Great Doctor
Because doctors and surgery are good
Prompt and good service by experienced staff
Very prompt appointment and helpful discussion. Thankyou Doctors you are amazing!!
Staff are very friendly and they try to be as helpful as they can.
Just very good
Quick and convenient
I always get a perfect service at GP. Iam Very setisfied.
Every body is so helpful and Dr Toosy is so caring.
Prompt response. Listens to concerns.
A very good surgery always open for patients no problem getting an appointment and staff are always helpful best surgery in town 😁
Helpful doctor
Always great and helpful trom reception to doctors there great
All issues where delete ASP
Happy with the service
The nurse was the person that I saw and she explained everything and was great at making me feel at ease.
The GP was attentive
Great service
“Phoned practice on morning of Friday 31st March
Dr. TOOSEY rang me back around 1pm.
Referral for xray initiated.
X ray done on Monday 3rd April.
Follow up appointment on Wed 5th April and medication prescribed.
I cannot wish for better care or service.
Thank you.
Samantha, the nurse, was very caring and prompt. She helped to sort out the long-time pending issue with my smear test. She discussed with me a lot of health tips for blood pressure management. I am so grateful for her exceptional caring support.
“Lady at reception was friendly today, appointment was on time.
Nurse was friendly and efficient. ”
The doctors are always professional and helpful
From the receptionist to the doctor, the experience was excellent. All matters were dealt with efficiently. I love this surgery and my wife and I feel very lucky to have been patients at this practice for many years.
Nurse Samantha was very accommodating and helpful
My nurse was perfect and very welcoming it was a pleasure meeting her
The nurse was truly amazing and made me feel so comfortable. The staff are always very helpful
I was very happy with the health professional
I contacted surgery previous day and the receptionist was very helpful I was able to speak to my doctor of preference and arranged to see him following day. The doctor advised me that there might be a delay. Came away with my mind at ease.
Dr Toosey brilliant as always goes above and beyond for his patients.
As always, the consultation was amicably organised and very professional.I was very pleased and appreciative for the service the PARK ROAD MEDICAL SERVICE PROVIDES
Easy to make appointment. Seen on time. Staff very helpful.
Very pleased to get a face to face appointment with Dr. Toosy and happy with advice and care given.
It was very quick and prompt service and very caring treatment
Whole medical team and staff are very helpful and friendly.
Dr Toosey was very understanding and helpful.
On time and nurse was efficient
As always very caring service
Always kind and considerate.
I was seen on time – very few people in surgery which was very peaceful & calming – lovely friendly receptionist – had blood tests done & forms for an x-ray & ECG & a new prescription issued – so all went well
On time and did not feel rushed
Understand patients needs

February 2023
Very efficient service Friendly helpful staffPhones are always answeredA doctor always responds the same day, by phone, and, if necessary, an apppointment is arranged.In my experience appointments are available and the patient’s needs taken into consideration.Medical staff are helpful,
efficient and reassuring. I’m so pleased with my practice Speedy appointment, good service.
Timely manner in which we got apportionments and the way in which the doctor was courteous , very appreciatable
Very caring
best doctors and staff
I gave a very good answer because i found everyone very helpful and attentive.
I spoke to a dr yesterday appointment today with gp and was pleased to be seen so quickly
The whole practice are very nice and helpful from the receptionists and nurses to Dr Toosey who is marvelous
Dr.Uzma was very kind and professional.
No problem getting Dr appointment, good care and advice. Quick, professional, friendly and made to feel listened to Quick available appointment. On time. Helpful
Dr Syed is a fantastic doctor , always very accommodating, takes he her time to listen to your problem. Very quick with responding to em emails and addressing the issue. I would highly recommend her to eveeve
Excellent service and professionalism. My doctor is very helpful and kind to me First time visit
Very efficient & kind GP
Because the surgery is incredibly efficient and caring
All staff are always friendly and helpful. If I can’t get an appointment then I get a call back
Because Dr Syed was, as always, professional and attentive and thorough.
Lovely surgery.Lovely, helpful, friendly & professional Staff at Reception.Dr Syed is very kind, warm, caring & a compassionate GP. She always makes @akes me feel looked after!@fter!
Efficient Service with Care, all the time:).
Very good GP and staff
I gave that response because:1. When I asked for my first doctor’s appointment I was given it within 2 hours of the telephone call.2. Dr Toosy examined@mined me carefully, asked various questions, ordered medication online and recommended that I went to the Jubilee Centre for an X-ray.3. After
being quickl@uickly being attended to at the Jubilee Centre they emailed the x-ray results that afternoon4. On his next day in the office Dr Toosy phoned through the resu@ results, offered me a physio appointment for two days later with a blood test. 5. In view of a funeral Sheila re-organised my physio to start earlierThe ph@he physio therapist was helpful and efficient. Then immediately afterwards Dr Toosy took blood for a test. Excellent service all round.@ound.
The Dr explained what needed to be done & why, then provided understandable feedback.
I always get to see a doctor and get the right information I need from the doctor and never have any problems with the surgery I’ve been with this surgery for near most of my life and I would never change it !!
Because I was greeted very well and received information and advice I needed to help with all my symptoms.
GP was excellent

January 2023
The doctor was very helpful
It’s was fast, caring and efficient
Dr Toosey is always helpful kind and gives great advice Dr Syed is also a great doctor and assists wherever possible
It was quick and efficient
I am always treated as a human being and am important to the success of the surgery.
We were happy with the service
I went to see Julia today she was on time caring and thorough
I always see Julia every 3 months, she keeps me in check, always monitoring me.Vivienne
Dr dealt with my problem very efficiently.
All the staff at the practice are warm , welcoming and professional in their delivery. Am new to the surgery and feel I have made the best choice.
Good professional advice and detailed examination and assessments
Because Dr Toosy’s surgery goes above and beyond the call of duty in every way. He works longer hours than other surgery’s and responds quickly to
resolve the issues and illnesses that we have. Having spoken to other friends about their doctors, my wife and I are very lucky to have Dr Toosy as our
Because my GP practice care me.
Always great service given.
Dr ToosyHe liason to my problem carefullyThen come up with solution after reviewing past
Excellent service by GP and information given
Good service
Always friendly and supportive helpful advice
I phoned on Wednesday. A doctor rang me back to speak to me. The doctor said that I needed to see the doctor. I was booked in for Friday morning. I got
to the doctors, the receptionist was lovely and polite. Dr Toosey really helped me and issued me with medication.
Receptionist was very helpful and friendly. Doctor called back and was able to get an appointment a couple of hours later but mostly my doctor is so very@
very good and very easy to talk to.
Easy to get appointment and also happy with consultation.
Yes because Dr Toosy is amazing.
The doctor I saw was very good and very helpful.
I had never met the Doctor before, found her very friendly and easy to talk to
My visit to the surgery was very successful and supportive. I felt listened to and given a series of tests to follow up
The only thing that was a bit of was the receptionist
Reception staff very polite. Dr Syed listened to my concerns, she was attentive and we also spoke about my general mental well-being as well which I foun@
found very helpful. I was sent a link whereby I can access support . @rt .
Dr Toosy gives excellent care, but always so busy
All the doctors are helpful
Excellent service, Dr Toosey always listens and is very caring and professional
The doctors are very friendly and has been always helpful.
Good service on the whole
Appointments are given fast and doctors really care about seeing their patients and getting to the bottom of the problem. The reception staff are very helpful and kind
Doctor was very understanding and comforting. Sorted out what I came in to see her for.
Experience doctor so hoping to have positive results.
Always caring

December 2022
Because the service was very good today. Polite and friemdly.
Really friendly doctor. Made me feel right at ease.
Dr Toosy is very caring and the service is excellent.
Doctors give you time and listen to what the issues are . Personal towards you also and you feel like they know you as a person .
Courtesy,seen on time and good advice given to assist me
The visit was really quick and efficient, and no one was waiting too long. The service from the GP was great too.
Received very sound advice from GP
Friendly and good
Great doctors
Because I phoned the surgery yesterday morning, got a call back from Dr toosey in the afternoon, and he managed to fit me in for an appointment at
[email protected] this morning with one of his Drs. I was prescribed Antibiotics which I collected from manor pharmacy afterwards.
There was no long wait, everything was well organised and efficient. This is a very well run practise and great doctors and staff. No complaints whatsoever!
They are fantastic best Dr’s we’ve ever had
The doctors at this practice are so incredible. They are compassionate and not patronising and they always seem happy to help. GP’s have had such a
rough@rough time the last few years but Park Road are amazing in every way @ way
Doctor uzma was lovely and reassuring as always. Quick and efficient waiting times
Very polite and professional as usual.
Very helpful and very good service always, thanks
I always get first class service from you all. X
Prompt reply and immediate action. Helpful as always
Polite staff. Helpful. Quick appointment. Just helpful and considerate
Because they are very good at seeing you when you need to see a docdoc
Because my doctors is amazing and always helps me with my medical problems with 100% professionalism and is just making always making time and
trying his@g his absolute hardest with his patients he’s always been my doctor from little and is the best @best
Because I am very impressed with the service
My doctors are extremely helpful and patient
Because Dr Toosy and the reception team have always been there for me and my family for years great doctors and service
Fantastic, Caring and fast service!
Proper diagnosis and quality patient support
Fast and efficient
I was dealt with promptly.
Always a good service
I always have an excellent service from all at the surgery. All are very helpful and have not had any problems with appointments when needed.
Never have to wait to long for an appointment, or a doctor calling you back when needed
It was thorough and addressed issues that were raised at a concern
The Dr, listened well and took

November 2022
Dr Toosy was very helpful & started the process of referrals. Staff are always very friendly and welcoming. Love being able to email and being allocated appointment so soon. Doctor Toosey is a very clever doctor. The doctor was very helpful
Fitted me in on the day, dr toosey was amazing with my daughter as as
The Doctor was very helpful.
Attentive, professional and accessible GP.
Receptionist really helpful about a few enquiries
Helpful and friendly staff and easy access to the support needed.
Dr Sayed was brilliant
Very lovely and understanding doctor
Excellent practice
Always very helpful, professional and supportive. Can always contact by phone and usually get an appointment when needed.
I was listened to and treated holistically
Really good service and I was very impressed With in an hour I was seen by the doctor and the physio and sorted
Brilliant Doctor
Because very good GP
He lookafter me and my husband vary well.
Whenever I need a prescription or I have a health issue I can either get the prescription that day or an appointment is booked for 1-2 days time.The doctors and staff are exceptional, my thanks goes out to especially to Dr Syed who wasted no time in telling me to go to the hospital with serious infection.If it was left it could have caused life changing issues.
Top notch costumer services
Always excellent service from receptionist to Doctor at this practice
I was seen on time by my doctor and all my questions were answered and also the receptionist was very helpful and pleasant.
It’s the only answer l can give, care,kindness & first class service.
Excellent service and consultation including prescription.
Dr Toosy is very attentive and is easy to talk to. The whole experience from Reception to doctor very nice.
The review was very comprehensive very interesting and the lady had a real commitment to looking after my health
I visited doc today and was really impressed that I didn’t have to wait long and that I was listened to and not rushed, even though there were a couple of things I needed to discuss
Very helpful
I got seen straight away, I got the help I needed. I have never had any problems with this clinic
Seen on time. Polite. Now waiting for appointment to go further
Very convenient and efficient service
Happy with treatment
Because you asked
Helpful appointment time, thorough consultation and friendly staff
Became my doctor understands what I’m going through
On time – nice doctor

October 2022
Caring, empathetic, additional support value
All of you,Nalin,Dr Toosy are very kind and considerate,an amazing experience enough with hypertension.Thanks again
No issues plus nurse was welcoming and helpful
The doctor is very nice and friendly, and did his best to solve the problem.
Very efficient service
Good service
Very good response and service
Nurse very pleasent to talk to and very helpfull…
Receive good and timely advice
Procedure thoroughly explained and nurse efficient .
No issues with service
The nurse was very helpful and informative.
I always feel looked after and heard
The nurse was great and quick with my toddler
Dr Toosy is an amazing doctor and the receptionist lady is very approachable and helpful! We had to wait for a bit but that’s understandable!
Prompt, professional, caring and patience while examining the symptoms.
Efficient and caring.
DR Patel listened to me reassured me and we decided what I needed together
It was easy to make an appointment, the appointments were running on time, the doctor assessed my problem and gave me an outcome
Rating is a function of good service which I have continuously noticed and witnessed at the PARK ROAD MEDICAL CENTRE.From the front office to the inner
r@ner rooms with the doctors and nurses all one feels is PROFESSIONALISM and DEVOTION.@TION.
Very happy with way l was treated by Sam.
Always easy to get appointments and very efficient doctors
My appointment wa at 10am .I was exactly at 10 am with Dr.I not need to wait long time .
Prompt, efficient and helpful, I receive great quality of treatment
Responsivity and care
I have never had a poor experience here the doctor takes time to tell you what is going on
Good service seen quickly
Fantastic Surgery, Receptionists, Staff etc and a caring and understanding GP in Dr Toosey.So lucky in this day and age age. Thankyou All.
Prompt Good friendly service
Dr Syed…very helpful…listened to my concerns. Suggested some tests.
Nurse was very attentive and was able to answer all my questions in unrushed manner.
Everyone was pleasant and polite the explanation from doctor clear.
Great service, Dr Toosy excellent, saw the nurse yesterday shocked by the care shown. Staff on desk really helpful. 42 years of care by the Toosy family
and they have done so much and shown care and expertise.
Because it’s nice& old fashioned & all the staff are cheerful & happy, great when u r not feeling great yourself,
Nothing is ever too much! Mr Toosey and dr syed are both amazing and so friendly and welcoming. If it be on the phone or can n face. They know all their
@heir patients face to face. I have even been in there with my mum and dr Toosey’s dad came in and new my mum straight away!! That is what you call
services! I would never change doctors EVER!!!!
I’m happy with my experience and the advice given. I didn’t have to wait long to be seen.
Because Dr Sayed listened well and responded accordingly. She’s known me and ny family a very long time and seems to care.

September 2022
The nurse was by efficient and explain Avery to me
Very good service
Always very helpful and polite
They’re fantastic
I felt listened to, examined thoroughly and given investigative blood test. Thank you
Polite,on time,educational 🙂
Very professional and helpful and considerate
My doctor received my scan results and called me before I called them
Responsible GP, Efficient Service and Quick response, Professional team
I was seen fairly quickly and Dr Toosy knew how to help my ailment.
Kind, empathising ,knowledgeable, feel secure in care.
I was happy with the gp
Because the care i received was very good
When you listen to other people and they’re horrific stories of trying to book an appointment with a doctor the receptionists nine times out of 10 are rude, the doctor won’t see them for a fortnight and so the catastrophic tale of woe just continues, Park Road completely the opposite to many other practices in my opinion everyone of the receptionists are friendly courteous and accommodating yes they have their stressful days and they’re not always up for @ for a conversation because of work loads doctors understanding will always make time to listen and understand the difficulties of whatever the problem is for@s for me this is invaluable because sometimes you don’t need medication to fix a problem you just need a 30nd chat to reassure yourself that it will be okay a@kay and again from my understanding other practices don’t provide that vital service listening caring, so that’s the reason that I have given the practice at Park Road star rating of number one. @one.
Friendly and efficient nurse
Always helpful, proactive and friendly
Politness n understanding
Very good GP consultation. Good welcome by reception staff.
Dr Raza Toosy is the best
It’s true Dr toosy is a really good doc have been with him for about 15years xx
Always friendly response from the reception, the nurse was very professional and good .
Dr Syed always makes me feel heard and today helped me get a specialist appointment within weeks – something I was not expecting. A fantastic outcome.
I had an appointment at short notice and had a very thorough consultation.
I was seen on time doctor Patel was very helpful.
Quick appointment, GP helpful
Very friendly and helpful. Put you at ease.
Samantha was charming, endearing and friendly..
Was seen on time. Professional and friendly
Excellent service
Friendly service
the doctors and nurses are amazing, no doubt in that,but the receptionist today is not an approachable person, somebody who is in the front desk should be nice and helpful (From PRMC: If you have any concerns about our quality please contact us and would be happy to address)

August 2022
Happy with doctor
Thorough checkup relaxed environment not rushed
Doctors and staff always welcome you and are always polite and efficient.
Nurse was professional and sympathetic.
Happy with the welcome but a 25 minute wait due to misunderstanding unfortunate. Left work early and rushed to doctor.
Because I believe my doctor was dedicated to me
Because the service was very good
The Doctor listened to my issues and deaktiveret with these promptly.
I was seen in a timely manner in a caring and respectful way
Because I thought the service was good
I didn’t need to wait to long to be attended at reception and then to enter the clinic. Dr Uzma Sied was respectful, attentive, make me feel heard and ga@nd
gave me good advice and solutions to my problems.@lems.
Quick appointment provided after a telephone consultation, then on the actual appointment at the surgery, detail questioning , clear explanation, poss@
possible outcomes, and some important details discussed and very attentive.@tive.
Promo, professional and unhurried. Dr Toosey never makes me feel like I’m a nuisance. He is always patient and understanding.
Always helpful and friendly
Polite and friendly receptionist. My review was on time and thorough and conducted in a very professional manner.
Explain pervious message why
After calling about a minor ailment, I was telephone triaged by a gp with a follow up appointment booked at my earliest convenience, I found the service
@vice I received to be of the highest standard and worthy of praise
Very good all round service.
Very nice welcome from reception this morning and GP leaving no stone unturned with getting to the bottom of my symptoms.
Because the centre is caring and correct
Called in for annual check on BP.Appointment on time reason for attendance. explained. I was made to feel at ease and treated with respect.Park Road
M@oad Medical Practice represents the very best of the NHS.@ NHS.
Pleasant experience and satisfied with the treatment
Attitude and helpfulness
Polite, speedy appointments
First class sevice
Because l received a quality customer care service.
Always good at this surgery never any problems
Becouse i was very satisfied i was seen on time and there was no rush
GP was extremely helpful on getting my problem sorted out.
The service to see my GP was quick and the conciliation precise and to the point
Good service as always
The receptionists are always helpful on the phone. Dr Toosy is always professional and friendly. He makes you feel comfortable and is reassuring. He appe@
appears to know all his patients, remembers who your family members are and provides a fantastic service. @ice.
Responsive, punctual, quick, friendly
Always returns calls within a decent timeframe. Understanding of one’s needs and very helpful 🙂
Dr Toosey is a brilliant doctor
Great service and straight away referal to surgeon, thanks
I was seen to time and the doctor explained everything clearly

July 2022
Good Doctor
I was seen straight away & Dr Syed is very thorough
We were seen on time by Dr Toosy who’s very kind and patient and very efficient.
Prompt, friendly and professional service.
Always a great surgery
Dr Raza Toosy takes time to listen to his patients. It’s a two way dialogue. He has a common sense approach alongside his years of clear experience.I am very grateful to Dr Toosy and I hope he doesn’t plan to retire young!
Got a appointment quickly and the physo was very helpful
So dr allams might get her p45 patients do not need this type of attitude she spoils this practice
Was seen the same day and diagnosed within 3 minutes. Thank you Dr tousey
Very quick to be seen and I always like seeing Dr Syed
Best GP I’ve ever had
He did the job efficiently .
With me he is thorough with my medical needs
The nurse was extremely helpful and knowledgable and I was very happy with our consultation
Always 100 percent advise and service
I was seen promptly and received good advice by Dr Patel.
Have always found everyone in Surgery really helpful and even in lockdown nothing was to much trouble.
Very good experience and very thorough
First visit to surgery and found Doctor helpful.
Both doctors have always been helpful, patients and supportive. The receptionist welcoming. Our GP practice support is highly appreciated
Doctor was extremely helpful
Because it a great surgery the doctors and staff are excellent
Great efficient service and friendly team
Very caring efficient and thorough
Talked through all my meds. Made sure U knew what they were for & why I was on them. Fine tuned my treatment. When I left I knew exactly where I stood,& done in a very friendly way.
Fantastic service
Excellent 121 interaction. Nurse focused on patient and health
Dr Patel was very kind and explained my course of treatment with ease.
Staff were friendly, and doctor was very nice and good with my children.
Always very friendly and I can always speak to a doctor the same day
All staff helpful
Sam was very nice @ efficient. The waiting room was quiet airy felt safe.
Appointment on time and a very productive appointment xx
Was slightly late going into my appointment but the nurse explained this was due to her preparing my action plan. It was not a huge issue.
The receptionists behave as if they Rum the surgery and as if htjey decide whtn you see gp .

June 2022
Dr Toosey is a excellent Doctor
I have received very good service !
New nurse is lovely! So happy you have a new nurse. The procedure was painless and the nurse was very professional
Excellent communication and really friendly staff who take the time to make sure that you completely understand.
Very friendly interaction with Dr. Syed as a new patient. She made me feel welcoming.
Doctor Syed was very attentive and patiently dealt with my complaints
Appointment was on time, everything was explained thoroughly to me, staff were polite and professional
Dr Patel is an excellent doctor…always gives sound advice
Very happy with service
Appointment on time
Yes because everything was explained to me and what would happen and all went very smoothly
Always had excellent experience
Great information easy to understand and no rushing
Made to feel comfortable by nurse, clear communication, friendly, on time.
Cos it’s true
Because its the truth
Because was very nice appointment with nurse!!!
Doctors & nurses- whomever you see, seem to genuinely care re their patients & strive to ensure you, as an individual , receive the right care for you.
& the receptionists are very patient & happy to help wherever can.
Dr Toosey was attentive, knowledgeable and explained the diagnosis and treatment clearly making time for any questions I had. Great doctor and surgery.
Dr. Toosy attended to my queries adequately and was nice to accommodate me for doctor who was running late. Helped sort my blood test
Dr Toosey is marvellous and always thorough help and caring
Dr Syed was so welcoming understanding and compassionate she didn’t rush me and made talking about the menopause as something v normal
Devi was friendly as usual and Dr.Sayeed has plenty of time to answer my questions
Because I was seen on time and receptionist and Doctor were pleasant and helpful.
Sam was lovely & put me at ease with my appointment. Thank you
Polite,everyone’s helpful & friendly & the care is great no complaints
Fantastic caring doctor who take a time to listen
Very efficient consultation
Every time I go to Park Road they are efficient , friendly & everything is done. I must say that I saw Julie this afternoon & she made a few tweaks to my medication all absolutely perfect!! All Drs, nurse & Julie!!
As usual a first class service
Staff and doctors very helpful
Not helpful (sorry to hear this but very happy with the overwhelming positive comments this month (Over 98%)