Friends and Family Comments

We look to offer an open policy in our surgery and will regularly lists of positive and negative comments from patients in this area from friends and family tests. The friend and family test is an optional questionnaire which patients can fill as they leave the surgery. They are asked how likely they would be to recommend their GP practice to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment with an optional comment after this. The surgery reserves the right to remove comments which are abusive or divisive.

If you are a patient in our surgery and would like to comment please click here


August, September 2020
The surgery and Doctors are always so helpful and understanding. They always go the extra mile to help you as their focus is the patients well being!
Dr Syed is so understanding and is also very thorough and very professional!! Also Dr Raza Toosy also very professional.I would not change my doctors practice many thanks to all the
doctors and staff.
The nurse I saw was very polite and friendly. She explained everything in detail of what she needed to do.
I came in for a smear test. Something that isn’t very nice at all. The nurse was literally so lovely and made me feel much more comfortable. I feel a lo@ a lot better about coming for one of these
again next time. She made the whole experience a lot better so thank you to that lovely lady!!
great service
It provides an excellent service thanks
Friendly and good quality service
The nurse I saw this morning was extremely helpful and made me feel at ease.
I think the Doctors at this surgery are very good.
Because he listens and is proactive.
The surgery was spaced correctly and directions easy to understand in these in uncertain times. Thank you doctor Toosey and the receptionist.
Fast, efficient service
Excellent customer / patient service x
The service we received was very good and we felt very safe also Dr Toosy always makes you feel special.
Dr Toosy and his team are always willing to help and give good advice.
All the doctors at the surgery are sympathetic and good listeners especially Dr. Toosy. He will always put himself out. Well organised and prompt service
The reception service has lots of room for improvement. I have been with this clinic for over a decade and i don’t leave because i think the doctors are good at what they do, and are kind
people. (we take your comment seriously and will feed this back. Thank you for letting us know)

March,April,May,June, July 2020
Best arrangement for patients in this pandemic situation
Easy access to a Dr and quick response
Responsiveness and access
Alway very helpful and quick at finding appointments if needed.
Always helpful and strive to get an appt as soon as possible
Very professional and efficient but I did feel I needed to hurry up, there wasn’t any time to talk
Dr syed sorted all issues and very personable
Really helpful and good service glad to have a good doctor
Polite and try’s to accommodate people big plus the waits are not so long now
Because it’s a good surgery and Dr Toosy I very good
I have received nothing but help and kindness from the doctors and staff.
Staff very helpful and caring the doctors and the communication with

February 2020
Because the surgery showed care in booking me in today just to monitor my blood pressure
I was seen the day after I made an appointment.I was seen almost on time.The doctor’s are always friendly and efficient, and give me the time that’s required.
A professional service
Fabulous patient care. Dr Toosey is an amazing GP.
Quality of care and GP to patient relationships
This practice is so accommodating and friendly as well as totally professional. It is the type of NHS Practice to be cherished and appreciated by its users. I cannot fault it. Compared with ‘other’ GP Practices it is brilliant.
I have been with this surgery for 25 years and have always found the doctors to be helpful and caring even though time is limited I haven’t felt rushed and they have always put my mind at ease if I was concerned about anything in particular.
Mentioned about a receptionist being rude (we take these comments seriously and will feed back to all our staff)
Dr Toosy is a wonderful GP, always listens to your concerns and good at diagnosing. Can talk to him very easily.
I almost always get an appointment shortly trying to book one.

January 2020
Excellent professional service
Confidence and approachability (Raza)
The whole chain, from booking the appointment with the receptionist to the actual GP visit is always seamless. Whenever possible our GP Practice aims to accommodate us. When no immediate appointments are available they try to arrange a telephone appointment with our doctor to offer meaningful/ viable alternatives as appropriate. Very professional.
Quick appointment provided and I felt listened to and respected. Thanks
Saw us on time, professional, sympathetic.
Always helpfull and a very personal service
The receptionist is helpful and friendly and our doctor, Doctor Syed is exceptional.
The GPs listen, they are empathetic, we don’t have to wait for a long time for appointments and doctors help to the best of their abilities.
Very good service all round. Only concern is that sat in the waiting room we could all hear phone conversations from the office. It will make me think twice about phoning up and disclosing anything.(We take this very seriously and have plastic barriers to block noise when receptionists are talking. We will take this on board and look at measures to manage this. Thank you for letting us know)
Friendly service, plenty of information
The knowledge, experience and support of Dr Toosy and the organisation of the practice particularly the system of arranging appointments.
Dr Sayed is an excellent GP. She listens, she’s compassionate and she genuinely wants to help. I never feel rushed.
Very relaxed and friendly
Lovely doctor and lovely receptionists.
I got a same-day appointment (I always do). My appointment was pretty much on time (it always is). I saw a doctor (Dr Syed) who knows me and my family.She listened carefully, understood and gave good advice. We all feel very lucky to have the Dr Toosy, Dr Syed and the practice to look after us when we need it.
Great Doctor toose
I’ve always felt satified with all my treatment I have had
Good service
Always very approachable, easy to get appointments and helpful medical advice.
Good staff and doctor
Always friendly


December 2019
Doctor’s are great, reception staff are polite and helpful.
Dr tossey is fantastic
So helpful and understanding.
My problem was dealt with promptly
Very good doctor
Always very friendly in reception and always try to squeeze in the extra appointment.
Able to book appointment with doctor of my choice. Listened to and appropriate treatment discussed with relevant hospital referral.
I am happy with the service
I am totally satisfied with the practice as the whole family has been with it for many years.
Surgery is friendly and quiet , feel at ease there.
Extremely helpful receptionist & doctor
Dr toosey and Dr syed are amazing doctors who put there patients first. If only all Drs were so nice
Appointment booking system is really efficient and appointments are always available. Surgery reception area is clean and neat and tidy. So far I have met two
doctors. Both have been efficient and compassionate and I feel like I an getting a very good service. Overall the main reason I like this surgery is you can get
appointments quickly and the doctors.
Always friendly and able to fit you in.
You dont need to improve the staff and doctors are fantastic please dont change its good the way it is
Dr Toosey always been a good docter as his father before him very kind caring and never rushes you in your appointment

November 2019
You have a good service
Because of the pleasant and helpful attitudes both of the Doctors and reception staff. Also Dr Toosy takes the necessary time with the patients and keeps his word
about making appointments and uses IT well.
Very efficient service and staff
Doctors is always very friendly and has time to listen to you , you don’t feel rushed
Friendly nurse.
The lady I met at the reception was quite polite and responsive to my explanation on why I was there.The nurse I met was also quite helpful. In addition to getting all the information required, she was kind enough to answer or proffer a guidance to some additional questions that I
Professional and timely
Good, available appointment times
First time at surgery – found nurse and receptionist very helpful
Appointment on time. Dr Syed always pleasant and helpful.
Staff very responsive and approachable. Able to get an appointment at short notice and I think the email the doctor service is great. Thank you all.
Amazing service!
Dr listened to me and I was not rushed so I am very happy with my consultation.
I often go to Dr Usma Syed She is very helpful, polite and understand the patent.All the good qualities you expect from a Dr she have.Nauman Saleem
Great, efficient service. Thorough diagnosis and understanding of problem.

October 2019
I have been with this doctors near enough all my life and doctor toosey is a very thoughtful and caring man the receptionists always care for you also
Good service
Politness n respect
Doctor Toosy is kind and caring and very good at finding the right solution to help. Although was running behind time the service is still good.
Receptionist warm and friendly, Dr Syed was caring and informative.
Dr Toosey is very good and the whole practice.
Excellent health care
It was quick and easy.
The surgery is totally professional
Good help wth my problems
Extremely thorough consultation and excellent patient manner.
I was happy with the attention i received
Good quick service
Quick appointment, friendly staff
Because of the service we receive can not fault it in any way
Dr Toosey is a terrific GP. The level of care he gives is superb.
The service provided by both the Doctors and the Reception staff is always helpful and polite
Very polite quality of care is 100%
Always get treated with care & consideration plus friendly staff.
Dr Syed is always very helpful and understanding.

September 2019
Listening, friendly, good advice
Fantastic service, made to feel really welcome.
I had a smear test and this can be uncomfortable. The doctor made me feel relax it was quick and less painful.
Very easy to get an appointment and seen straight away. Reassuring dr
I have been a patient for a very long time and have no complaints with the surgery in any way .
Excellent professional services from the surgery staff and do have a very good relationship with the doctors. The doctors are empathetic and supportive.
– Their professionalism- always listen without rushing you- always kind and sympathetic – mindful of hygiene – happy environment – treated as the family with same
keenness to find a solution Excellent overall.
I really appreciate Dr Toosy he always does a thorough job no matter how much stress he may be undergoing
Appointments are easy to book. The doctors are the surgery are amazing.
Doctors Toosey and Syed are always so accommodating sit and listen and advise accordingly
Dr Syed is determined to find the cause of my issue and reassures me every single time that she’s there for me and I don’t have to deal with it alone. It means theworld to me.
Excellent service. My doctor knows me really well and I can always get an appointment when I need one.
The doctors always have time to explain everything to you even if it takes a little longer than they have
On time, very helpful
Good service and response to my visit
Fast friendly and no waiting for the appointment that was made. Thank you.
Excellent service of care
Surgery reminds me of my appointments and when I arrive I’m received curtiously and attended to promptly and as close to my appointment time as possible.
I’m am extremely happy with all aspects of the practice
Can always get an appointment when needed. Doctors are fantastic, never make you feel like a bother.
I was dealt with on time and everything was explained and I understood
Very caring and efficient
Very friendly very prompt
Clear and understanding

August 2019
You all ways can see one of the doctors.
Friendly & knowledgeable doctors.
It is a great team of prfessionals, trying to convince us and giving us good tracking of our long lasting conditions and general health.
On line access to book appointment. Patients are listened to and refered to secondary care when same required. Nice and helpful reception staff.
Lovely doctors
Doctor was attentive and listened to what i had to say and was very thorough with the examination.
I can get an appointment pretty quickly and book online as well. Now there’s an email service as well. Speeds things up.
The doctors are wonderful and very helpful.
Happy with the medical service you provided
Quality of Doctors advice
The staff, all of them are very good.
I am just new
Very friendly, easy to get an appointment, GPs are experienced and keen to help, excellent service.
The doctors are very nice & efficient. You dont have to wait too long for an appointment.
Always have excellent service when I come to the surgery.Receptionists are lovely and Dr Toosy always makes you feel better.
Because dr toosey is a brilliant doctor x
Great Doctor
Long wait but this was explained when I saw the nurse, she was very reassuring during appointment
Dr Toosey is a wonderful helpful Doctor that always has time for yo you … and the reception girls are always helpful and friendly… we we are moving soon and sorry to have to leave this super surgery and nd practice…. also not forgetting Seeta our Diabetic nurse a lovely ly
Able to get GP appt quickly
-Easy to get an appointment, view medical record and prescriptions via the online patient service.-Email option to the gp is also convenient and the gp’s are very helpful.
Iv done this before he is a great doctor
Doctor Sayid so lovely and helpful
When I arrive the receptionist did a grumpy face like I was annoying her, than she left the Gp practice I suppose she finished her shift the second receptionist was very nice and polite.The person who does vaccinations for kids is not very adapt to deal with them she seems to be a cold person also tired @ired of what she is doing I think should be someone who loves kids to deal with them.If there are not improvements on my next visits I may decide to change G@nge GP@PYou all ways can see one of the doctors.
Friendly & knowledgeable doctors.
It is a great team of prfessionals, trying to convince us and giving us good tracking of our long lasting conditions and general health.
On line access to book appointment. Patients are listened to and refered to secondary care when same required. Nice and helpful reception staff.
Lovely doctors
Doctor was attentive and listened to what i had to say and was very thorough with the examination.
I can get an appointment pretty quickly and book online as well. Now there’s an email service as well. Speeds things up.
The doctors are wonderful and very helpful.
Happy with the medical service you provided
Quality of Doctors advice
The staff, all of them are very good.
I am just new
Very friendly, easy to get an appointment, GPs are experienced and keen to help, excellent service.
The doctors are very nice & efficient. You dont have to wait too long for an appointment.
Always have excellent service when I come to the surgery.Receptionists are lovely and Dr Toosy always makes you feel better.
Because dr toosey is a brilliant doctor x
Great Doctor
Long wait but this was explained when I saw the nurse, she was very reassuring during appointment
Dr Toosey is a wonderful helpful Doctor that always has time for yo you … and the reception girls are always helpful and friendly… we we are moving soon and sorry to have to leave this super surgery and nd practice…. also not forgetting Seeta our Diabetic nurse a lovely ly
Able to get GP appt quickly
-Easy to get an appointment, view medical record and prescriptions via the online patient service.-Email option to the gp is also convenient and the gp’s are very helpful.
Iv done this before he is a great doctor
Doctor Sayid so lovely and helpful
When I arrive the receptionist did a grumpy face like I was annoying her, than she left the GP practice I suppose she finished her shift the second receptionist was very nice and polite. Mentioned nurse was was not very child friendly and may change surgeries if things don’t improve (we are sorry to hear about your experience and will feed this back to the relevant staff)

July 2019
Excellent service from the doctor, plus an appointment was available at short notice, very happy with all aspects of the doctor’s surgery.
Compassionate doctors
Excellent care
Good welcome at reception, did not wait for appointment, was seen on time – thank you
It because Sister Seeta took her time to explain every detail too
The doctors are very friendly and listens to your problems
I have all my respect for my gp. I am registered with them moor then 10 years. The system of booking appointments and time of keeping them is perfect. The GP provided dignity and pacience, listening to all what I have to say about my illness and traing very much to help me to feel less pain.
Dr. explained everything very clearly and am very happy with the service I received
Appointments are normally available and doctors are approachable.
Dr was v helpful and reassuring
I had time to talk to the Doctor and explained my problem to her.
Excellent service with care and understanding from entering the surgery until I left.
Always helpful and seen quickly. Plus lovely receptionist x
The doctors are nice people
Easy to book appointments, fantastic and helpful gp.
Doctors are good and helpful
Amazing and prompt service . Caring gps like dr Toosy & Sayed. Great and friendly receptionists like Devi, Sheila, another great one forgot her name. we also have access to pharmacy team member once a week which is great ! what more can one ask for? WELL DONE!
The doctors are always very friendly and helpful
Always easy to get an appointment, reception are always helpful, doctors are fab.
Always able to get an appointment doctors are excellent so are the receptionists great surgery that’s why I have been a patient there for over 38 years
Seen on time, got appointment when I wanted it

June 2019
Very trustworthy doctors
Dr toosy fantastic
Once seen by a doctor follow up for treatment very good
As usual the GP was very thorough & clear in his answers to my questions.
Plas ant reception staff. Kind and understanding Dr’s.
The doctors seem to care about your problems.
Excellent surgery doctors first class understanding and knowledgeable, always feel at ease and comfortably with doctors .
Don’t have to wait forever for an appointment
On time, polite, engaging appointment.
Myself and family have been going to this GP for many many years
i liked the environment of GP,staff se really nice & helpful
Going out of the way to make me feel comfortable after past issues.
Because it was deserved. An excellent practice.
Staff and doctors are friendly and caring.
my doctor is monitoring my blood pressure
They are amazing doctors
They care intelligently.
Don’t have to wait too long for an appointment. Docs are very caring and do all they can to help.
My GP is always ready to listen to me
Because the Doctors care, are helpful in explaining my problems and answering my questions. Best move I ever made moving to this surgery.
Because I always receive excellent care
Dr Syed is thorough. Appointments with her never feel rushed. She listens, diagnosis & then takes time to explain any course of treatment. I always feel well cared for
when I come here. My children have always been well looked after here too & I have total trust with the practice.
The quality and experience from the doctors is top notch. The doctors listen and take note. I have m.e and fibromyalgia. The doctors understand and not many
doctors would. I feel safe and comfortable talking about issues. Just wish my wife can join my practice for the quality care.
Dr Syed is the nicest dr I have ever come across
2 negative comments about not being signed in on time by the reception and a misdiagnosis (Unfortunately we do our best in the surgery and take these comments seriously)

May 2019
I got an appointment within 2 days and the Dr was very sympathetic and nice.
Because all who work there are caring, efficient and accessible. It’s a great practice.
Twice I have the surgery in less than a week and have been seen both times on the same day I called, also doctors and staff there are friendly and supportive
Great Doctor
Great doctors who really listen to your concerns and take time to know you as a person and provide excellent care. Professional reception staff who are friendly and easy to talk to and discrete. Lovely atmosphere and clean and tidy surgery.
Their professional approach friendliness, smiling welcome, clear explanation of diagnoses, cleanliness of staff and the office
Understanding and care
I have been a patient for 40 years and have always been satisfied with the treatment,
Dr Toosy been very patient friendly and caring Thanks
Dr Syed and Dr Toosey are lovely and easy to talk to
Approachable, friendly doctor
Very friendly atmosphere and terrific doctors and all staff
49 years of being their patient always treated with respect.
Appointment when I wanted. No waiting. Excellent consultation with no rush!
Friendly receptionist, dr running on time and I did not feel rushed when exposing my needs and concerns to him, felt he truly listened and took the appropriate action
also put me at ease and my mind at rest
Short waiting time. Good Doctor. Reception is efficient but could be more friendly. Sitting area needs some updating.
A good surgery
Dr Toosy is fantastic he takes time to listen and to understand the problem at hand and takes a genuine and human approach in his treatment and advice. Thank you!
You’ve been my gp practice for over 20 years
I have been at the surgery for many years and they have always been very helpful and understanding
The surgery has offered a good standard of service.

April 2019
The dr listened to me and treated me with kindness and respect. He makes me feel like I matter.
Ease of appointment making system, not too long wait to be seen, location.
I get a good service when I come in.
My GP and friendly service
Because my GP dr syed, is supportive and understanding and does everything she can to help without being just a GP who just slings medication at the problem. She
takes her time to find out about my wellbeing.
I have always had a good service from the practice
I always feel like Dr syead takes time and gives me her full attention. She remembers everything about my health and always asks how my daughter is. Very@ Very caring
lady and I wouldn’t change doctors for this reason
Doctors are helpful and listen
Gets things done x
the doctors are very friendly and helpful.
It’s the best doctors are always so friendly so helpful and always give such good advice Dr Seiad and doctor to say are definitely my favourite
Dr Syed and Dr Toosy are both very good and make you feel at ease. Also fairly easy to get an appointment
All staff and doctors are very friendly, easy to talk to, and understanding.
The level of care that I have received over the years is second to none. Dr Toosey is a fantastic GP.
Great staff and lovely Doctors
Personal service and attention. I see one of two doctors every visit and feel happy discussing my history or illness with them.
Sister Seeta Williams is brilliant
Good service, caring doctor.
Punctuality – professionalism
Very caring and friendly and professional
Get to see doctor in reasonable time .
Came to see Dr Toosy recently regarding a mole that is looking a bit dark. He has now referred me to see a specialist at the hospital. This has been fair@ fairly quick I am now
waiting on a reply to see a further specialist. Excellent service.Thank you
Very friendly & good service.
Fairly easy to get appt. Reception staff helpful. Doctor very considerate and knowledgeable. Felt in safe hands
Charming receptionist today 17 April. Good solid answers and care from Dr Toosy
Dr Toosy has taken the time on both occasions I have spoken to him to explain processes and rationale thoroughly putting me very much at ease.
Doctor understanding and addressed my issues. Took time to listen and took an interest.
Understand, thoughtful and professional
Friendly staff, able to get an appointment fairly quickly
I was informed that I would be deem by Dr Toosey when appointment was made I was told on arrival that he did not work on Tuesday yet again been given  wrong appointment Receptionist very rude and abrupt when appointment made (Monday morning) (Dr Toosy – We take these matters very seriously and will be investigating this to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Thank you for the feedback.)

March 2019
Dr toosy is a fantastic doctor , he is caring,professional and diligent. You never feel rushed and always at ease.He always ensures he explores every aspect to
ensure you get the best care possible
They have been very supportive and are the kindest most carring GP’s I have ever had
Seen on time
I couldn’t have asked for better service and with a very pleasant Doctor.
proper care and diagnosis
Total excellent care
Dy Syed is very polite, approachable, professional, knowledgeable and reassuring.
Great service! easy and quickTo get appointments. Wonderful nurse seeta!
Got an appointment within a day. Helpful friendly staff .
Efficient service from reception to seeing the doctor. Dr Toosy is just awesome.
Good doctors
The doctors are lovely and surgery staff are friendly and helpful.
Always have good treatment all staff friendly polite.Very pleased with the surgery no complaints at all.
Doctor gives encouraging advice and tips on how to manage my conditions
The surgery does not seem to promote the ‘conveyor belt’ treatment system- all the doctors I’ve seen seem to genuinely care & listen. They want to get it right, as
they say.
Seen quickly & all round friendly service.
Polite prompt understanding.
Ability to book appointment at short notice via mygp
Early opening times suitable for working people excellent doctors
Dr Toosy was very nice, and did not rush the appointment. The staff were all friendly and helpful.
Dr toosy is a true master of his craft a fantastic GP with kindness compassion and patience i was very vulnerable and extremely unwell when i moved to park road
and frankly am lucky to still be alive! Dr toosy has always listened heard and respected my voice and views and managed me very well on multiple occasions over
the past 6 years has made a real difference to the quality of my life and health drastically improved my wellbeing and function at a exceptional standard. Thank you
so much for everything you have done for me and big thanks to all the lovely staff on reception who are lovely and happy to help as always be it on the phone or at
front desk 🙂 lots of love sam
Doctor toosie and sayed are great . So are all the receptionists
Appointment availability and professional and caring doctor response
Have always received an excellent service.
Excellent Service.
Raza is always easy to chat to and I feel I am understood.
Very reassuring and helpful to all of my problems, and the receptipti
Being seen on time, friendly and knowledgeable nurse with lots of clear and useful info before and after the test.
A wonderful friendly surgery with helpful receptionists and excellelle
All ways the stuff are all ways friendly and try’s to get you appointment on the same day.
Ive phone twice in the last 4 weeks .My 2 children were seen asap .And I phoned Friday for a Monday appointment. Really pleased that I was seen so quick and didn’t
have to wait too long in the waiting room.
On the whole good advice – the surgery staff seem busy at times and you cannot tell them everything in a given slot without feeling hurried.
Sometimes waiting time was too long and should have Text reminder for appointment

February 2019
Well, over so many years with the practice, I am still happy with the conduct!!
Very polite and friendly always have time for you
Because of the level and quality of service
The Dr Toosy takes time to listen and explain things and is extremely helpful especially when needed
Lovely doctors who look after us
Appointments are readily available
Friendly competent staff
The surgery is there for me if I have any concerns
I answered 1. So my experience was very positive Dr Syed/ Toosey are always empathetic and have time to listen even though you know how busy they are. I like the fact that I can see the same doctors and can usually get an appointment when I need to.
Very helpful
The staff at reception are courteous & helpful. Dr Syed provides excellent care, guidance and attention to the betterment of my health.
Because I’ve never had anything but help from the surgery.
Had to wait ages for my appointment with the practice nurse which was disappointing anyway.
Friendly doctors
Through and professional
The reason I gave a 2 was because of the wait time, my appt was at 10 30 I finally got to see the doctor at 11 20.
A very helpful and professional place to visit for help and assistance.
Staff very helpful & short waiting time
Lovely receptionist, nurse running on time
Doctor is available to see or speak on the phone, when help is sought
Accessibility to GP quickly
I have always been treated with complete understanding by Dr Toosy and have 100% confidence in him and Park Road Practice.
Dr Toozy is most helpful as well as Dr Syed. No matter if you have an appointment or phone call – great service !
The reception ladies not being always very helpful.
I have faith in the surgery & trust the Doctors.
First rate service as always from Dr.Toosy and staff. Friendly and professional.
Just a good surgery and doctor.
Good range of appointments available. Punctual service
Care and attention given
Wrongly booked appointment based on receptionists direction. Going out of mind right now, need to wait another 2 weeks for next appointment

January 2019
Easy to use appointment booking system. Friendly and efficient service at the Surgery.
Very efficient service
When I arrived very polite and the doctor is always polite and very helpful Dr Toosy is a Top doctor like his dad
Timeliness and good advise
Good service polite and friendly
Dr Toozy is an excellent doctor
My reason for my choice is simple: One breathes life as soon as you visit the clinic.From the front office to the doctor’s consulting rooms there is thi@s this aura of
kindness and professionalism all over the place. This is my personal opinion but I think that this is how it is@it is
The doctors are great and so helpful.
This has been my Docters for years n I hv always received the best care n surport
Quality customer care from the reception to doctor uzma syed, the doctor listen to me, and was really supportive and helpful.
Over 20 years we all get the best service from our doctor surgery.
Great discrete service from highly trained Drs who really take the time to listen to you fully
I think DR Toosy does explain to us what he thinks the problem is
Great Doctor
Friendly and helpful Doctor
Excellent service
The time and care both doctors take with myself or children even though I know they are limited on time. They don’t make me feel rushed.
Have have always had prompt and first class service from my GP practice.Very professional.
Quality of service
At this stage, I will only have a complaint if the doctors judgement is incorrect and the recommended cure doesn’t work. A lot more time is necessary before we get to
that point. Try me again in a months time.
Appointments running 20 mins late.
Great service from the GP, the majority of the receptionists are lovely and helpful
Because Dr Toosy is an excellent Dr.
Very good surgery
Satisfaction with my care and treatment.
The gp’s are absolutely lovely
Always a great service at my doctors surgery. Dr toosy is very kind and understanding. Receptionists are friends. Wait times have massively improved to almost no
wait at all. Overall very happy to use this practice.
Very approachable gp. Easy to make appointments online. Good surgery time

December 2018
Speed of service and friendliness of staff
Very efficient, friendly. Attended the surgery today with my wife and we both needed tablets. Attended the chemist within an hour to pick them.Doctor Toosey and doctor Said I have seen recently and they are both very thorough and very friendly. I would not want to go anywhere else.
Have always received excellent treatment from the surgery.
Dr Toosy dedication and real concerned. Easy to talk to
excellent service
Speed and efficiency
The nurse was very informative and helpful
Always get an appointment when requested, reception are always helpful and Dr Toosey is an excellent Doctor
1-Extremely Likely
Always helpful and polite
We were kept informed of a slight delay. The doctor was as always very helpful and thorough
My GP possesses qualities I look for in a family Dr’s service. I always feel I am listened to, given pertinent advice, allowed to question decisions, and, and feel valued as a person rather than just another Pt.
Listened to, friendly, approachable.
I always receive excellent care .
Excellent availability of appointments, seen bang on time (perhaps a bit early), thorough appointment and not at all rushed, excellent and personable doctor.
Dr Saed helped me sort out everything i needed too , very impressed
The GP ‘s are amazing, always take time to listen and explain
Great appointment availability and Dr Toosy and Dr Syed are very approachable and helpful
You dont need to improve quick appointments helpful staff good doctors basic waiting room these things make it good
Caring gps
Very friendly professional service
Nice doctors
Very good personal service. Consultation didn’t feel rushed. We had the time to discuss as necessary.
Good service
Doctors and staff very helpfull and friendly.
Appointment on time and good service
Always a great service, but appointments are always running a little late.
Because he always takes notice of what you say and acts on that with the right remedies

November 2018
You can always get an appointment or speak to a doctor over the phone if needed. The doctors and staff are very friendly and nothing is ever too much trouble.
The service is great and the doctor is very patient and supportive
Because my doctor was respectful and made me happy
The nurse was bang on time and is lovely
Dr Toosy and his team.
Happy for the service in so many years as your patient#!
Always received great care through out the past 35 years
Dr Toosy always listens to you and explains everything so you can understand. I am lucky to belong to this surgery.
Efficient and helpful
I’m very satisfied with the fast and friendly service I receive
Attentive and informative GPs
Dr tossey fantastic
Excellent GP and reception ist
Good promp service. Doctor very good and helpful.
Friendly, professional service, under what is an extremely difficult time for GP services and our NHS in General.
Lovely helpful receptionists ….. and the due care and attention fn f
Prompt service
You have a good service
Dr Syed always friendly, professional and efficient.
Very good service
Great doctors and staff
Because the doctors take time & listen to you, & are always nice even when they very busy
Friendly, efficient and caring.
Lovely new doctor and very helpful x thank you
Nothing is every too much trouble Dr Syed and Dr Toosy are always helpful and care about your whole family not just you.They always go the extra mile .
I have always felt supported and my GP has always been available whenever I need to see or speak to them
Because I can’t fault the surgery whether for myself or my children.
The service I get at this surgery is faultless.
Every time when I visit the surgery the quality of care is very high and satisfying. The customer care is outstanding and highly commendable.
The friendliness and politeness of all staff.Never wait long for appointment. Hard to improve on perfection.
Lovely receptionists and GP
Patient care

October 2018
Excellent care from Dr Toosy
Excellent, informative and timely service
The reason for this rating of 1 is due to the personal perception, experience, interaction and professional health care I have received over the years from the doctors and staff. The service I have received from this clinic is second to none
Appointment was on time
At my work we compare our doctor surgeries & my so far offers the best quality service and experiences from the receptionists to the consultants. I am privilege with this quality service.
Efficiency of front desk staff and thoroughness of doctors
Consistently excellent care and good professional advice. Best GP’s in the area!
Dr and Staff so in tune with Patients needs.
I’ve been with Park Road for many years & some hard times, my doctors, Sister & staff are friendly & exceptional!!
Because of the way the doctor attended to me
All staff are very helpful
Lovely staff on reception. Doctors that know you well.
Always very friendly
Good customer service
Early morning appointments
Very helpful
Helpful doctors
Ability to nprm
Good, friendly service
Because Dr toosy is a fantastic doctor
The doctor was very good with the procedure I had carried out and put me at ease
The doctors really take the time to listen, help and advise.
Quality of care. Dr Toosy, in particular, is excellent.
Wasn’t told how to arrange my blood test or even that it was walk in first come first served. Requested an application form for managing referrals online. However one couldn’t be provided because receptionist couldn’t access her system. Probably because she didn’t bother updating her pin.Very poor service. Receptionist and/or practice manager need replacing

September 2018
Been going to same dr all my life
This was my second visit and I am satisfied with the service.
For the 20 or more raza has looked after me and my husband he is a very caring hardworking man who listens and does not rush cosultations when my husband
passed away 18months ago he help me nothing was 2 much trouble these things are quite rare 2 day that goes for all staff very caring people thankyou
Easy to access. Kind and caring Dr
All doctors are very friendly, willing to spend time to discuss illness, or ways to overcome, etc. Took the time to find alternatives outside of normal medicines
(support group etc). I’m very pleased
Great service
Always get an appointment and all staff incuding GP’s are very courteous and accommodating.
Gp helpful and caring
Good & friendly service
Helpful fit u in for a quick app when they can friendly staff
Excellent service given by Dr Syed.
Dr Toosey, in my opinion, is a fantastic doctor, always caring.. and the staff do their best to help in every way.
Always very understanding and explain things in a simple way.
My appointment was prompt and I felt the Dr listened to me
Me and my family have been patients at Park Road Medical centre fo for years.I highly recommend Dr Raza Toosy. Hes incredibly profesfessional, kind and knowledgeable,
taking the time to listen to us andand addressing every complaint that We mentioned. He always offered rd referrals where they may be needed.The reception staff are
friendlndly, helpful and make me feel welcome.The appointment booking via ta the app was really useful.Thank you, again!n!
The Dr was very easy to talk to and very knowledgeable.
Very professional service.
Very personalised service. Treated appropriately every time. Excellent GP
Professionalism excellence
My Doctor is always really helpful
Good appointment times, great doctors. X
Excellent service
Always very helpful.
Sister Seeta asked me to come for an appointment after I filled out a travel form so she could tell me face to face that I don’t need any vaccination  for my trip. That
was a complete waste of time!
It’s been 10 yrs and I feel awful when I get sick because I know I have to go to them and ask for help.

August 2018
Very friendly & efficient doctor feel I can talk to them freely get an appointment fairly quickly.
Didn’t have to wait too long, doctor friendly and understanding and professional
It is a great service which we can get is best a very good team woke we have to be great full for the service we get good luck
The doctors take their time to talk to you about the reason why you visit the GP.
I have been with this doctors all my life best one ever in the whole world Dr toosy really cares for his patients
We have been in the practice since 1975 and it was 1st class then and still is. We feel that you look after the patients which is important
Great staff, professional
V friendly receptionist this morning (not always the case though!) and a great doctor (Raza) who I have a lot of confidence in.
The doctor has been thoughtful and thorough and has continued to investigate and send for tests as necessary.
Because Dr Toosy is an amazing doctor x
Had three tests done immediately
Confidence in the doctor (Dr Toosey) never rushed
Sometimes there is a long waiting time.
The nurse was v helpful
Your nurse is amazing… Not only with children but also to adults ts
All ya Excellent GP
Very attentive & thorough GP
I got an appointment time that suits my working pattern.
The GPs are really nice, and they are quick and efficient
The doctor was very friendly and polite and listened well. There was no rush or feeling of being hurried and I was able to discuss my ailment accuratelyand fully
helping the diagnosis.
Always had excellent service from Doctors nurses and receptionist been with practice for 36years
staff are friendly and professional
I was very please with my appointment today, my Doctor listened and examined me, and made me feel at ease, prescribed my medication. Very satisfied thank you.
Very friendly all the time
Good doctors that really listen to their patients and very friendly and professional reception staff
Really caring doctors who take the time to make sure you are ok, other GPS I’ve had in the past just want to get you in and out
Everything went well and on time
Quick response when I call today.
Very helpful staff, able to get a early appointment. Doctor listens to you and discuss treatment options. He explains diagnosis and rationale behind test and treatment. Waiting time before seeing GP is approximately 10-15 minutes and always apologise for keeping you waiting. Repeat prescription for drug always ready at chemist.
Not Recommended
I didn’t feel much empathy…I said I was feeling stressed and anxious the only option I was given was Prozac. I had to ask about possible counselling available – that doesn’t seem right to me. Equally felt very rushed, I was quite obviously in distress but seen for 3 minutes.

July 2018
The Doctor listened and attended to me in a very professional manner. And I did not have to wait too long
The doctor was lovely and I am happy with her consultation.
I was seen 2 minutes early. Because I booked through the myGP app, the Dr knew why I was there and the appointment was so quick and I got a referral immediately
Good information from the nurse
We have always been able to get appointment so when we ring and receptionist are always very helpful
Happy birthday N.H.S
They are the kindest,most caring GP’s I have ever had. I am 67 !
I have all ready had such a good reception from this doctors. And will already do so. Thank you.
I have been with dr Toosy for many years and will never change again ! He listens and so does dr Syed they have helped me and know I will always get the proper help at all times Thank you
I chose likely over extremely as although the staff are great you never get seen on time. Appointments can feel a little rushed as they are always running late. Think this is indicative of healthcare in the uk, not just this surgery.
Nice doctors
I get very quality help from you)!!!
I’ve never any issue with my treatment or with the staff.
Caring, kind and patient medical team. Polite dminustrative team. Early appointment offered if possible or convenient. Good, efficient referral and  follow up service.
I have never had to wait overly long for an appointment, I’ve been a patient there for Over 40 years, plus I love Dr syad she has a special quality
Seen on time . Pleasant staff & DR .
Our family GP Dr. Syed is the best. She takes personal attention to each and every family member. She is empathetic, patient and kind. In fact l have alreadyrecommended my friends to the same Surgery.
Dr is always friendly and explains things in full
The surgery always try their best to accommodate appointments and the doctors offer a great service
Got seen promptly and on-time, and rectified my problem. Thank you!
Helpful doctors and staff
Great doctor
Quick efficient
I’ve been very well attended to by all GPs whenever I booked appointment to see either Dr Toosy or Saida. they do show empathy and strong desire to support and provide care.
Best Drs

June 2018
Prompt appointment time adhered to, friendly nurse and receptionist, treated me like a human being and not just another annoyance! I know how it feels when one is busy as I work in dentistry and have an NHS contract seeing so many patients a day along with paper not always easy to keep smiling.
I receive good service and always get an appointment to see a doctor or nurse
Always very kind
The service provided by Dr Toosy. One criticism, he always runs late!
helpful sympathetic doctors who listen and remember you
Always friendly will always for you in same day when you are ill and don’t make you feel like a number
Because I always get polite and efficient service.
GP very helpful, empathetic and giving of her time
I’ve been going to the surgery for 40 years and always had excellent service. It’s better now as the appointments are nearly all on time and I don’t have to wait for ages
The main reason is Dr Said. She is so welcoming professional and kind .
Doctors whoever I see are helpful & understanding Dr Toosey & Dr Syed thanks
Friendly understanding service from the doctors
Friendly staffs
Doctors who show genuine interest and concern and make time to listen
I got an appointment when wanted, with the doctor I wanted. I was listened to and a next step explained and put onto action. Thank you
Dr. Uzma Syed very supporting and caring. Listen and deal with any of my disease, any condition very well. Her way of dealing with patients is very satisfied.
Over 30 years a patient always had great care
Friendly staff, knowledgeable GP
Dr Toozy is very kind and reassuring and always makes me feel like my concerns are valid
Waited 35 mins , from a booked slot, which was in morning so not sure why had a delay already
Because doctor listen & was very helpful.
Ok ,you’re helpful friendly and I always feel at ease with personal issues I think personally it’s a fantastic doctors surgery
I always get great help and advice my my doctor, they have been a massive help in my recovery
All the stuff was really helpful
Never have an issue with getting an appointment, polite and informative staff. Good location.
Very pleasant receptionists, always helpful and the doctor is always happy to listen to you.
This surgery has been my surgery all my life and now I’m 46yo. the doctors there always sort out my problems and are extremely speedy
Courteous receptionists doctors and the nurse- they always listen, explain clearly very professional, always available to assist, advise and if necessary refer. Always professional in their approach
Seen promptly. Results discussed. My views listened to. Treatment prescribed and informed of referral made and why. Overall good consultation.
Dr Syed is always extremely helpful and sympathetic and I feel she knows me and my family and cares about our health.
The doctor is good although not always running to time.
Due to top class care that is given whatever are problems may be from reception to appointment and aftercare long may it last. well done to all of you an@ou and a big thank you from me.
So helpful.
My experience.

May 2018
I have always been happy with Dr Toosy.If he thinks there may be a problem he will send us for tests at the hospital. Recently blood test showed him I may have gallstones
so he sent me for an ultrasound which has proved him right.
It was a good service
Pleasant service and good advice.
The doctor was really friendly and down to Earth.
They are very helpful and understanding get no completes
I still had to wait 30 minutes after my appointment time slot.
Great service from the right dr
Both gps are nice and easy to talk to they are good at there job .and the nurse zeta is lovely
Dr Tosy always makes himself available to listen and care about patients. that’s why I wouldn’t think twice to recommend other patients to his surgery.
The care was excellent and reassuring
Can get appointments quickly and the doctors are nice
Prompt appointment and GP who knows patient’safety medical history
Always made to feel at ease, comfortable and reassured
I feel that sometimes the doctors actually listen to their patients. There isn’t the sense of being rushed and they seem to understand what the patient is going
through. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen on every occasion though.@ough.
The whole chain, from booking the appointment with the receptionist to the actual GP visit is always seamless. Whenever possible our GP Practice aims to accommodate
us. When no immediate appointments are available they try to arrange a telephone appointment with our doctor to offer meaningful/ viable alternatives
as appropriate. Very professional.
Very efficient and polite
Receptionists very friendly and a lovely doctor.
doctors service
Prompt sensitive service. Friendly staff and doctors
Quality care
Great drs x
The doctors actually care about the patients. The service is 1st class.
Dr toosy is very accommodating and listens well to me as a long term patient of his. He is willing to do everything he can to facilitate my health remaining at an
excellent condition. The reception staff are approachable and very friendly and the atmosphere is calm and welcoming. There is plenty of literature useful for mental
health conditions and there is good programmes on the tv and up to date newspapers to read for the news that day a well as lifestyle magazines and a nurse
practitioner. Everyone works hard to maintain excellent kind responsible services to the local community. I am extremely happy with the level of time and
consideration of all the staff there.
Good Service from Reception, polite & speedy & good care & advice from Doctor
Speed of getting an appt.
Im a new patient and was made to feel very comfortable
For the care and support from my doctor and consideration of reception staff.
Dr toosey and booking through my gp app
A wonderful caring Doctor and Staff showing great empathy and patience, nothing too much trouble. Extremely lucky to be a patient at Park Road Medical Ce@al Centre
Thankyou. @you. Was seen fairly quickly. The procedure was explained well and the Nurse was friendly and helpful.
The service is great.
Not Recommended

April 2018
Excellent service and care.
The staff are great
Quick service and professional care
I am always dealt with after an appointment very professionally
Seen on time. Very reassuring conversation with Seeta. Positive experience all round.
I have found the doctors to be understanding, emphatic, knowledgeable and the reception staff very helpful aswell.
Helpfullness from everyone in the surgery
I have been with the practice for over 40 years, first with Dr Smith, then with Dr Toosey senior and now with Doctor Toosey. I feel very fortunate.
Polite & pleasant service from all staff & informal efficiency from doctor. No complaints at all
The service I get from the surgery is first class. Couldn’t ask for better.
I have been with this practice for most of my life and would always recommend this to anyone !! They have helped me with some serious problems I have and@e and helped me with my tablets I receive and stop some pain I have and take regularly I would be in a wheelchair if dr Toosy had not requested an X-ray and  found my spinal cord was being frayed and had urgent operation so I’m so pleased to be here and walking !! And they are fantastic ! If anyone says  different then I would be amazed !!! Thankyou !! X@ !! X
I phoned this morning and was seen within 2 hours. You can’t improve on that. Great service.
Always have excellent care.
Doctors empathetic
Very good and understanding GP
Excellent service every time
Friendly surgery, good relationship with my gp
I have always found I can get an appointment reasonably quickly and doctor Toosy has been brilliant at attending every single one of my issues
Gentle approach of the doctor and good time keeping
Friendly. Small practise.With Drs and other staff knowing who you are as a person.rather than just a number
I thought the doctor was friendly, listened and gave helpful advice. Have only used the surgery twice but both times have been fantastic.
Helpful advice and a sympathetic ear
Friendly, professional, understanding and helpful doctor.
Always a good service… friendly GP
Helpful and professional
Because it’s true
Always got an appointment during emergency, advice and treatment is always effective.
Dr Raza Toosy is extremely helpful, is sympathetic, provides great advice and outstanding service. He always treat us with courtesy and respect. The reception staff are also pleasant and helpful. It’s amazing and thanks to you all for being such a unique practice.

Year of 2017 to April 2018
Fantastic GP and such a pleasant receptionist
Excellent care and understanding from our doctor.
Always able to book appointments
Because of prompt appointments.
Dr Raza Toosy always look after us very well and my family.
Professional service
Very efficient and kind
Always get an appointment within a few days. Doctors and staff are very nice
Speedy diagnosis.
Have always had very good care.
Although my wait to see the nurse was a bit long… as she had concerns for my health I was able to see a doctor straight away without an appointment
Service from the nurse
Quick appointment time and very understanding GP
Dr Syed is the best GP I have ever had.
I love that it is a small practice and the Doctor knows who you are and your history. A proper traditional family GP practice. I would never want to go elsewhere. Dr Syed
whom I normally see is kind, caring and considerate. I am so grateful to her for all the help and assistance she has given me over the past years. Thank you.
Always found doctors very helpful and unstanding.
Because they are willing to discuss pros and cons
Always helpful kind understanding just goes that extra mile
Excellent service and good patient care. Pls put them on the throne as that is where they belong.My sincere thanks to the team. I couldnt have asked for anything better.
Because the doctors are excellent
Prompt and efficient Ann’s caring service
Because both the doctors and the reception staff make you feel really welcome and the doctors take the time to listen to you properly and go above and beyond to assure
they help you
Everyone at the surgery go out of their way to be both courteous and professional at all times
Speed and efficient
Swift. Friendly. Discreet.
Very good service, planned visit- no waiting, reception staff friendly, excellent GP
Always helpful and friendly don’t feel rushed
Because I received helpful telephone advice from Dr Sayed who also advised sample test. 3 contacts with receptionists were all positive and helpful. Foll@ Follow
appointment with Dr Gustav was timely and helpful and reassuring. Thanks @anks
It was very quick and good service
Quick appt and polite and detailed consultation
I have had only good advice and help also no problems with my practice
Doctor Syed is the best Doctor I have ever seen. Also the receptionist are excellent
First class Doctors always friendly and helpful, staff very good as well
The surgery is always willing to help
They are all extremely good doctors and really help you with any medical problem. I have always come away very happy. And they always look into what the @ the problem
can be.@n be.
excellent doctors excellent service
Dr Toosy is a brilliant doctor , very kind very professional.
The staff are always polite and friendly and Dr. Toosy always listens, explains and leaves you feeling very satisfied and reassured when you leave.
Dr listened & was clear & helpful in discussion.
Dr Toosy is a very good doctor
The Dr always gives me his full attention and does all he can to rectify any problems and answers all my questions fully.
Doctor was good
Promotion action, answer, solution
I feel that Dr Syeed really understands the needs of our family and is extremely supportive.
Doctors are friendly and professional. Desk staff are okay. Getting an appointment via phone or online is good also.
Both doctors I see regularly are always so supportive and when I ca cant get in will always call for a phone appointment nt
Ease if the app for booking an appointment in advance for a non emergency appointment. Great friendly service and Doctors who care
Staff are polite and helpful. Can get an appointment with chosen GP fairly quickly. GPs listen and take sufficient time over the consultation.
I have been with this GP practice for nearly 40 years and feel lucky to have had such good care.
Service and advise very good and happy with the Doctor
I was seen to time.

Not Recommended (Please note most of these comments were over Christmas and the New Year when we were extremely busy and still trying to manage one of the best accesses in the local area. Also Dr Toosy is frequently overbooked which has an impact on waiting times) 
Drs are always running late because they are too busy and it makes you feel rushed.
I waited for 40 mins for a 9am appointment which had a bad impact on the rest of my day as I had to go to work. At the least they could have had the courtesy to let me know
they are running late. The lack of communication is not really acceptable
Although the Doctors fit you in and are accommodating, they cannot spare the time to discuss anything for more than about three minutes and stand up to ask you to
leave and mention how many patients are still to be seen.

August 2016
Always manage to get an appointment. Friendly doctors and always helpful and
go over and above to help. Been a patient for 34 years and will never go elsewhere
All staff and Doctors are friendly and helpful and nothing is too much trouble. The best surgery I have been to

July 2016
Caring Drs – always have time to listen
Clinic always runs late
Kept waiting to see the nurse again – 40 minutes this time, no wonder my blood pressure reading was high

June 2016
well it is very good
We always can get an emergency appointment if we need it or the doctor calls back. They are also really lovely people.
caring doctors
take time to listen nothing to much trouble

May 2016
good service
caring doctors

March 2016
Great service at reception, very helpful
Dr R Toosy & Dr Syed are amazing Drs and have truly helped me 100%. Keep going way and beyond what Drs are there for. They are absolutely the best Drs
Over 15+ years of using their services, not even one failed disappointment, always professional and courteous; Thank you
Prompt attentive consultation
Fantastic surgery – friendly and helpful receptionists & sympathetitic & efficient doctors. Would not go anywhere else
Having to wait for far too long to see the Dr (From Dr Toosy – We current run at next day appointments)

January 2016
its good
good service
always friendly and extremely accommodating and effecient
waited to long
I didn’t have too wait too long and the Doctor was very good.
generally good care.
prompt appointment and clear explanation
very happy with the ‘personal touch’ style of Dr toosey. though I have no family
locally my husband is also enrolled with the surgery on my recommendation.n
very precise and helpful
very helpful
Dr toosey is very thorough
so accommodating
helpful drs caring too
good service
because they give me good medisans
good result

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