PPG Minutes Thursday 28th November 2021

In attendance: Edward Brown / Beverley Brown/ Carol Perry/ Indira Amin/Dr Raza Toosy/Alka Sethi

Time 7pm on Zoom

The Walking group set up and run by Indira Amin was discussed, the aim is to make sure that more of our patients are aware that this is running every Wednesday now at 10:30 – meeting at steps near Wallington Town Hall.

Action: to send a text to all those who need to walk – over 50 with long term conditions and our diabetic patients to let them know about this walking group and encourage them to join.
And add this onto the website. Also add the following link too onto the surgery website: parkwalks.uk

Healthwatch action points were discussed and the changes made and suggestions made were discussed to ensure that they have been implemented within the surgery. The findings and an action plan to be emailed to healthwatch.

Complaints and any significant events were discussed.

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