PPG Minutes 3rd October 2016

In Attendance
Dr Raza  Toosy (GP) Alka Sethi (PM) Mr Edward Brown (Patient) Mrs Sandra Usher (Patient) Mrs Margared Reed (Patient)

1. Improvement Grant
A discussion was made by Dr Toosy for an improvement grant for the surgery. The flooring in some clinical rooms needed updating as do sinks. Also, an application was made for a lift between the ground and 1st floor. We are waiting for acceptance of these for the grant to improve the surgery premises

2. Friends and Family comments
Mostly positive. One or two around the time patients have to wait in the clinic for Dr Toosy. It was noted that an audit was already done on waiting times and was presented in the last PPG Meeting around this issue.

3. Mobile Phone Usage
The notice was up from last time. No one noticed any issues with patients who are answering and talking in the waiting room

4. Facebook Page or User Forum
There was a discussion around whether or not we should have a facebook or forum page for patients to input and discuss the surgery. This might improve PPG membership. The PPG felt that there might not be a good enough user base and would be some effort for not many subscribers but suggested to look to implement and see if it builds up. Dr Toosy will action this and see the feedback.

5. PPG Led Patient Survey
Mr Brown mentioned about a recent Healthwatch group he attended and suggested around organising a qualitative survey run by the PPG and fed back in the next meeting. Dr Toosy felt it was a good idea. The nature of the survey is as follows with the following question posed

“Thinking about any of the local health services listed below, that you have used or know someone who has, can you tell us what you think is working well in the service, any areas where you think the service could be improved and anything with that service that you would like to see done differently or better.”

There would be 3 boxes for different providers

1. What is working well
2. What could be improved
3. What would you like to see done differently.

Mr Brown will liaise with Alka Sethi to formulate how this can be distributed to patients and how the information and be collated and reported for the next meeting.

6. CCG Patient Survey
The latest Patient Survey was discussed. Of note, it was noted that we are the best in the CCG for ease of getting through to someone in the surgery and the best for the convenience of the appointment they were able to get. Also, we were 2nd in the CCG for the experience of making an appointment and 2nd in the CCG for hours that the GP surgery is open.

This was all very positive. Dr Toosy mentioned that we are currently running at next day appointments and although it is difficult to manage the load, patients probably appreciate it more.

7. Review of Significant Complaints/Incidents
Reviewed anonymised complaints and incidents within the surgery for the last quarter. All seemed appropriately dealt with and no further comments were made

Next meeting will be on Thursday 26th January 2017 at 1pm.

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