New Appointment System

In line with the recent events around coronavirus, we have to implement a new appointment system. The purpose of this system is to filter out patients who have colds and coughs but still let in patients for their normal appointments.

From 16th March 2020 the following will happen


  • When you ring for an appointment you will be offered a telephone triage or asked to email the surgery with your issue.
  • A doctor will then ring you or you will receive an email and your problem will be managed this way
  • If we need to see you, a doctor will ask you to come in for an appointment at which point you will be seen the consulting doctor face to face in a pre-booked appointment
  • if you have any cold or cough you cannot come to the surgery so you must tell the doctor on the telephone or email.

For Repeat prescriptions requests

  • They can be emailed to us. Please ring the surgery for more details
  • Go to the pharmacist who can organise the script on his side
  • post the request through the letterbox

For Sample Bottles

  • Post them through the letterbox in an envelope marked in capital letters “Specimen”

For letters marked for the doctor and correspondence

  • Post them through the letterbox
  • Email us

Do not come to the surgery unless you have been given an appointment by the duty doctor.

Do not ask for an appointment directly from the surgery. You cannot enter the surgery without a booked appointment

Do not bring a sick child and do not come yourself if you have a cold or cough. Please ring the surgery or email us.

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