Walk for Health and meet friendly local people

We are proud to announce that starting there will be organised walks soon on Wednesdays starting at 10.30am from new Wallington Train Station. We will post again once we have confirmed the starting date

Walk for between 30 minutes and an hour according to fitness and speed – we split into smaller groups so walkers can go at their own pace

The walk ends at a café where refreshments are available (Walkers need to pay for their own tea, coffee etc)

Return to start in your own time

Wear suitable footwear eg. trainers (Walking boots are not required)

We will walk in the rain so be prepared!

Walk at your own risk

We welcome individuals – if you are a group please contact us for further information Web for latest news and contact: wallywalks.uk Email: walk@wallywalks.uk Telephone: 020 8647 3000 / 07770 533000

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