PPG Minutes 18th February 2019

In Attendance
Dr Raza  Toosy (GP) Alka Sethi (PM) Mr Edward Brown (Patient) Mrs Sandra Usher (Patient)  Mrs Carol Perry (Patient)

Previous agenda items were discussed

1. PRG Meeting
Mr Brown went over Support and Planning PRG Meeting. Informed us of new changes.

2. Walking Group
To try to organise one. Informed that one patient was interested in doing something.

3. Complaints and Incidents
4 incidents were discussed and Dr Toosy explained the process of how they were handled. PPG were satisfied that they were handled appropriately.

4. DoctorLink
Discussed Doctor Link and plans to implement this

5. NHS 10 year plan for MH
Discussed about MH review in terms of 10 year plan.

Next meeting will be on Monday 4th November 2019 at 11.45

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