PPG Minutes 10th December 2018

In Attendance
Dr Raza  Toosy (GP) Alka Sethi (PM) Mr Edward Brown (Patient) Mrs Sandra Usher (Patient)  Mrs Carol Perry (Patient)

Previous agenda items were discussed

1. Healthwatch discussion from Pam Howe
Mr Brown’s task was to go over the web page and comment on its usability. He found it useful and easy to navigate. Friends and Family comments are posted each month as are PPG minutes. The site is maintained solely by Dr Toosy rather than relying on a 3rd party company so hopefully is more user-friendly this way and cont.

2. Friends and Family comments
Very positive comments. One poor comment about admin to give a patient a PIN. Unfortunately didn’t leave their details so unable to follow up but will look into this. Comments are displayed for public view on this page 

4. Complaints and Incidents
4 incidents were discussed and Dr Toosy explained the process of how they were handled. PPG were satisfied that they were handled appropriately.

5. Healthy Walks
Patient of Dr Toosy is involved with a Health Walk scheme for Social Prescribing. Will contact us with regard to how this works and waiting for her to get back to us. Dr Toosy happy to attend when organised to collectively join a walk with the patients from the surgery.

6. Pathology Investigations
Dr Toosy discussed how our surgery has been requesting more blood test than any other surgery in the local area. A discussion was made around if this was positive or negative considering that it cost a few pounds per test. From a patients perspective, this was positive as it represented proactive care. The PPG were happy for Dr Toosy to continue to request Bloods as required.

Next meeting will be on Monday 18th March 2019 at 11.45

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