New app now available for monitoring lithium use

Pharmacy Services at South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (SWLSTG) have developed an innovative free app for individuals who have been prescribed lithium.

Lithium is a common treatment for bipolar but requires close monitoring with individuals using lithium attending medical checks. The app will assist with safely prescribing, administering and monitoring lithium.

Pharmacy Services spoke with a number of people who take lithium, including individuals who attend Bipolar UK Support Groups. These participants wanted information about lithium to be available in an electronic format, leading to Pharmacy Services developing the app with mobile technology developer Incentivated.

Dee Evans, Pharmacist at SWLSTG, said:

“I hope that all those who download the app will find it a really useful addition to their mental health wellbeing by allowing easy recording of vital test results, setting reminders for forthcoming test dates and recording quality of sleep and moods which can be used as a handy source of information about the medicine available at their fingertips.”

With the app, users can:

  • Record lithium treatment and levels
  • Set health check reminders
  • Record and email heath check results
  • Record mood and sleep
  • Store emergency contacts and information
  • Access a learning section with FAQs and Dos and Don’ts
  • Password protect the app and their information

Download the Apple iPhone or Android versions of the Lithium App.

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