PPG Minutes 4th June 2018

In Attendance
Dr Raza  Toosy (GP) Alka Sethi (PM) Mr Edward Brown (Patient) Mrs Sandra Usher (Patient) Mrs Margared Reed (Patient) Mrs Carol Perry (Patient)

Previous agenda items were discussed from the positive personal letter from Tom Brake to previous friends and family comments.

1. Information Board and Fencing
A discussion was made about the board outside with fencing. RT will go back to Dr Toosy senior and see what he can do to help this.

2. Friends and Family comments
Very positive comments. Only negative was about waiting to see Dr Toosy during the busy winter months. Comments are displayed for public view on this page 

4. Complaints
2 complaints were mainly gone over since the last meeting. They discussed and PPG felt the actions were appropriate. It was commented by Dr Toosy that it’s important for the PPG to pick up on anything they see which on the patient’s side which needs to be looked at to tell Alka or Dr Toosy who will take it forward as they don’t really see the patient-facing side of the surgery.

5. Protected Teaching
On Wednesday 6th and 13th Sutton CCG Practices have protected time for lectures with their practices so the surgery will be handed out to the out of hours staff from 12.30 to 6.30.

6. District Nurses
A discussion was made around the District Nurses and Dr Toosy commented that St Helier has got the contract for this moving forward so it could be the fact that we are getting vertical integration with the Hospital on one side, Primary Care on the other and community in the middle which he hopes will create a better and more seamless pathway for patient care.

6. CCG Patient Survey
The latest Patient Survey was discussed. Of note, it was noted that we are the best in the CCG for ease of getting through to someone in the surgery and the best for the convenience of the appointment they were able to get. Also, we were 2nd in the CCG for the experience of making an appointment and 2nd in the CCG for hours that the GP surgery is open.

This was all very positive. Dr Toosy mentioned that we are currently running at next day appointments and although it is difficult to manage the load, patients probably appreciate it more.

7. Review of Significant Complaints/Incidents
Reviewed anonymised complaints and incidents within the surgery for the last quarter. All seemed appropriately dealt with and no further comments were made

Next meeting will be on Monday 15th October 2018 at 1pm

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