• Spotting Cancer

    Spotting Cancer

    Early cancer detection and treatment saves lives. You have the power to contain cancer starting today to save a life. See actionable steps to spot cancer early.  Especially in light of coronavirus, it is important you pick up on any early signs and let us know. Urgent referral pathways are still running normally https://www.spottingcancer.org/

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  • New Appointment System

    New Appointment System

    In line with the recent events around coronavirus, we have to implement a new appointment system. The purpose of this system is to filter out patients who have colds and coughs but still let in patients for their normal appointments. From 16th March 2020 the following will happen YOU WILL ONLY BE ALLOWED INTO THE

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  • When should my child return to school after an illness?

    When should my child return to school after an illness?

    As a parent or guardian, you know when your child is ill and also when they’re feeling better.  But it’s important to take steps to make sure they’re well enough to return to school, but also that they’re not at risk of spreading any infection or illness. Through ongoing work with local schools, NHS South

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  • Be Self-Care Aware

    Be Self-Care Aware

    Over the counter medicines are generally cheaper than it costs the NHS to supply on prescription. The following medicines can be bought from local pharmacies. You may also be able to buy some medicines from local shops but you will only be able to get professional clinical advice by a pharmacist from your local pharmacy.

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  • Spirometry Testing for COPD and Asthma

    Spirometry Testing for COPD and Asthma

    Enclosed are the information leaflets required for patients for Spirometry Testing For Monitoring with known diagnosis SpirometryMonitoring.Info.Leaflet.PRMC For New diagnosis and reversibility SpirometryBaselineAndReversibility.Info.Leaflet.PRMC  

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  • Self Referral for Pregnancy

    Self Referral for Pregnancy

    Hospitals in our local area are looking to ask women to book with the hospital as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Women are encouraged to choose which of the four hospitals they would prefer for their antenatal care and self refer as early as possible. By the way, your postnatal care is

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  • Travel Vaccines

    Travel Vaccines

    We offer travel vaccinations for patients travelling abroad to any location in the world. Please note, we are not a Yellow Fever Centre. The closest one to us is Stafford Pharmacy 150 Stafford Road Wallington Surrey SM6 9BN on 020 8647 2996 who also do travel vaccinations Click on this link to see which vaccines

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  • Right Breathe

    Right Breathe

    Right Breathe is a brilliant web page which helps patients who are on inhalers with their technique. It contains several video demonstrations on how to use the inhaler you have. If you need a refresher or have been given your inhaler for the first time, please look it up! https://www.rightbreathe.com/  

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