• Free NHS Wifi

    Free NHS Wifi

    We now offer Free NHS Wifi. Search for NHS Wifi in wifi networks on your device, register and next time it will connect you automatically

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  • Be Self-Care Aware

    Be Self-Care Aware

    Over the counter medicines are generally cheaper than it costs the NHS to supply on prescription. The following medicines can be bought from local pharmacies. You may also be able to buy some medicines from local shops but you will only be able to get professional clinical advice by a pharmacist from your local pharmacy.

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  • Self Referral for Pregnancy

    Self Referral for Pregnancy

    Hospitals in our local area are looking to ask women to book with the hospital as soon as they find out they are pregnant. Women are encouraged to choose which of the four hospitals they would prefer for their antenatal care and self refer as early as possible. By the way, your postnatal care is

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  • Planning a pregnancy if you previously had Gestational Diabetes

    Planning a pregnancy if you previously had Gestational Diabetes

    Leaflet explaining the importance of follow up blood tests after pregnancy to check that levels have returned to normal and explaining the increased risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and need for yearly blood tests. PIL Planning a pregnancy if you previously had Gestational Diabetes- FINAL version

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  • PPG Minutes 10th December 2018

    PPG Minutes 10th December 2018

    In Attendance Dr Raza  Toosy (GP) Alka Sethi (PM) Mr Edward Brown (Patient) Mrs Sandra Usher (Patient)  Mrs Carol Perry (Patient) Previous agenda items were discussed 1. Healthwatch discussion from Pam Howe Mr Brown’s task was to go over the web page and comment on its usability. He found it useful and easy to navigate. Friends

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  • Opening Times over Christmas 2018

    Opening Times over Christmas 2018

    Monday 24th December Normal Opening Hours Tuesday 25th December CALL 111 Wednesday 26th December CALL 111 Thursday 27th December Normal Opening Hours Friday 28th December Normal Opening Hours Saturday 29th December CALL 111 Sunday 30th December CALL 111 Monday 31st December Normal Opening Hours Tuesday 1st January CALL 111 Wednesday 2nd January Normal Opening Hours

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  • Safety Plan for Patients

    Safety Plan for Patients

    http://stayingsafe.net/ This website offers free vital resources for anyone distressed, thinking about suicide or worried about someone they care about it has been developed by 4 Mental Health, with invaluable input from international academics, mental health practitioners, people who have survived suicidal thoughts and those personally affected by suicide through bereavement. The website provides vital

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  • DESMOND Course Feedback For New Type 2 Diabetes

    DESMOND Course Feedback For New Type 2 Diabetes

    Desmond is a course for patients with newly diagnosed type 2 Diabetes which all our patients go on. One such patient took the time to write her feedback on attending this course locally. We are so grateful for our patient to take the time to do this and we hope this letter from her will

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  • Celebrating 70 years of the NHS

    Celebrating 70 years of the NHS

    The NHS is turning 70 on 5 July 2018. We’re excited to be joining the celebrations by highlighting how everyone can pay tribute to the NHS and the contribution of its hardworking and dedicated staff during its special birthday year. Here are just some of the ways you can help the NHS celebrate this year: Celebrate

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  • New app now available for monitoring lithium use

    New app now available for monitoring lithium use

    Pharmacy Services at South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (SWLSTG) have developed an innovative free app for individuals who have been prescribed lithium. Lithium is a common treatment for bipolar but requires close monitoring with individuals using lithium attending medical checks. The app will assist with safely prescribing, administering and monitoring lithium. Pharmacy Services

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